239 Marketing Naples

239 Marketing Naples

239 Marketing helped All American Integrated Security with developing a website for showcasing there local alarm installation service company. We used custom contact format that rout leads to All American's sales team.

At 239 Marketing

Our passion is helping your small business grow by providing you with the best professional digital marketing services available. As a digital marketing agency, building a mobile friendly modern website is the fist step to helping you gain market share in a very competitive online market place. Next we place a focus on customer first marketing & connecting with them.


The Most Critical Detail for Small Business Marketing is location.

Yup, just like in real estate it’s location, location, location. A small business marketing plan will need to overcome this issue if you are a service industry provider. The key is getting a Google map marker location for a commercial location near your primary target area or customer base. Say you are located in a remote suburb and you are a home based cleaning service or AC repair company. You primarily service customers in an upscale area of the city and it is critical that customers find you near the areas they live in.

Business Map Markers on Search Engine Results.

Google, Apple Connect Maps and Microsoft Bing requirements for publishing a business location with a map marker are fairly strait forward.

  1. You will need a commercial address that receives mail from the U.S. Postal Service.
  2. During your hours of operation someone must be there to handle incoming customers at the location to answer questions or take messages and forward them to you if you are working away from the office.
  3. We have a solution for home based business.

Your Business Name Let’s Crush Your Competition!

The Second Most important decision for small business marketing is your business name. For the purpose of Search Engines finding you online, for heavens sake please use your primary key phrase of your business in the name itself. So say you are a Yoga studio in Cape Coral Florida and you want local customers to find you in a 10 mile radius… Do not name your business Daisy’s Meditation , Diet & Yoga. Instead name your business Cape Coral Yoga. Trust me… You will crush it on organic online search engine results and get tons of business. When a customer runs a search they will enter “Yoga studio near me” Google will look at their location and then provide relevant results based on the user’s location. Yes we can help you determine the most search engine friendly business name. Starting out “it’s all about the Benjamins…” You need customers coming through the door. If the primary name is taken go with a similar name like Cape Coral Yoga Flex. Another example for an ac repair company: “Cape Coral Cooling Co.” or “A Cooling Co. Cape Coral” or “AB Cooling Co. Cape Coral ” etc… If you are old school and remember the yellow pages, this is a similar concept.